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Attention! Green cards are issued in electronic form and sent to your email address specified when applying for insurance. Electronic forms are suitable for crossing the border and presenting them in another country.
While staying abroad, you can also apply for a Green Card

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  • Make and model BMW R 1150GS, 2003
  • State number and body number AA0064AN, WB10441A73ZH55083

Policyholder's data

  • Full name (ukr) Rog Alexander Ivanovich
  • Full name (eng) Rog Alexander Ivanovich
  • Contacts [email protected], +380994235903
  • Policyholder's address m. Kiev, B-r, Koltsova, 8, 101
  • Date of birth and TIN 07.10.1992, 3388310419


  • Type and number Driver's license, SHV314159


  • Insurance Company
  • Validity 1 year
  • Vehicle type Passenger
  • Territory of action Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan
  • Policy start date 01.01.2022

To pay

1 109 UAH
An example of a Green Card policy from KIRINS

Green card

An international insurance policy that has a single form for all insurance companies
Green card is a mandatory type of car insurance when traveling abroad in Ukraine (similar to OSAGO in Ukraine)
The insurance company covers the loss caused by the green card policy holder.

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Will the green card be in the unified MTIBU database?

Yes, immediately after we issue a Green Card, it appears in the unified base of MTIBU insurance policies

What parameters can be used to check the validity of the Green Card?

When issuing a Green Card from a future date, you can check the validity by using the Green Card number.
On the day the insurance starts (indicated in the form), you can also check it by the car number

Why is our Green Card cheaper?

We, the Kirins insurance agent, provide a discount to our clients due to the volume of issued insurance policies.

Is the electronic policy suitable for Europe?

Yes! All countries that are part of the Green Card system have agreed on an electronic version of the Green Card. That is why the electronic policy is complete

Who can apply for a Green Card?

It does not matter to whom to issue a Green Card, to the owner of the car or the driver. Insurance is issued for the car and will be the same for whomever you have issued.
When crossing the border, it is also not important for whom the insurance will be issued.

Can I take out insurance while abroad?

Yes. You can apply for a Green Card while currently outside of Ukraine. You will receive a ready-made insurance policy to the specified email.

A green card is issued for a vehicle in which you travel outside of Ukraine. Green card insurance is required by border guards when crossing the border of Ukraine in such vehicles: a car, motorcycle, bus, truck and trailer.

The green card is triggered when damage is caused to third parties (there must be confirmation in the form of a certificate from the police or a court decision). If the fault of the policyholder is proven, then the insurance company covers the damage to the victim in the limit of the insured amount of the country in which the accident occurred.

Green Card cost

The cost of the Green Card policy for a car depends on the following indicators:

  • Vehicle type (passenger car, motorcycle, trailer, etc.)
  • Duration of insurance - you can issue a green card insurance policy for any period from 15 days to 1 year
  • Destination of travel (country of travel) – Green card divided into CIS countries (Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Azerbaijan) and Europe (when buying a green card, the CIS countries are also included in Europe)

You can calculate the current price of a policy with several offers using the online calculator at the top of the page.

A green card is valid only if it:

  1. Issued in printed form
  2. Located in the register of unified green card insurance policies in the MTIBU service
  3. Has a unique letter code and QR code

Immediately after registration, you can make sure of the validity of the Green Card insurance policy in a single system on the website This service helps to make sure that you have purchased a legitimate green card policy.

Pay Attention! All green card insurance policies that you issue through the FreeIns online insurance service are genuine.

Documents required for issuing a Green Card for a car

Insurance for traveling abroad by car can be purchased by both an individual and a legal entity. At the same time, the package of documents is slightly different.

Required documents for registration of physical. persons:

  • Data sheet (both sides)
  • Passport (domestic or foreign)
  • Identification code (TIN)

Documents for legal entities persons:

  • Data sheet (both sides)
  • Enterprise registration certificate

How to buy a Green Card

Purchase process for a Green Card for a vehicle:

Step 1. Fill in the data in the form of a calculator or send photos of documents in a convenient way (messengers are listed in the contact section)

Step 2. Pay for insurance

Step 3. Get a policy at the nearest New Post office

Forms of payment

  • Using the LiqPay payment system when filling out the order form in the calculator
  • Transfer to a bank card (PrivatBank)
  • Pay according to the details of the insurance company (when paying for the policy in full)
  • Cash (upon receipt in Kharkov)

Benefits of applying for a Green Card policy at the KIRINS insurance agency

It is quite difficult to stand out among competitors in our time, since everyone strives for the best service and offers good conditions for registration.

However, we, the Kirins insurance agent, offer a unique offer in the Green Card market. In the calculator you can compare offers from different insurance companies and choose the best one for you.

And our position can be strengthened by the following advantages:

  1. Discounts - on our website you can purchase a Green Card with a maximum discount from the official MTIBU price
  2. Policies instantly appear in the MTIBU database at the time of registration
  3. The insurance has a QR code and a letter code
  4. We will issue a Green Card within 10-15 minutes online without visiting the office
  5. We deliver insurance to the nearest New Post office absolutely free of charge within 1-2 days (for orders over UAH 500).
  6. All prices are presented on the website in an open form, all offers are relevant
  7. For a long time of our work, we have accumulated a lot of positive reviews on Google. Feel our service!