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An example of a Green Card policy from KIRINS

Medical insurance for foreigners

C 20.05.2020 foreign citizens are allowed to cross the border of Ukraine only if they have a medical insurance policy for foreign citizens covering medical expenses for treatment in case of coronavirus (COVID-19 disease)

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Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient design Without papers and visits to insurance agents
Time saving
Time saving Registration takes no more than 5 minutes
Without papers
Without papers The policy does not need a printed version.
Impossible to lose
Impossible to lose The policy cannot be lost, it is always with you

How to apply for an insurance policy online?

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Via Online Chat

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*— Using the payment system (LiqPay), using the details of Kirins (PrivatBank), using the details of the insurance company (when paying the policy in full)


Does insurance for foreigners cover COVID-19?

Yes! The insurance includes a program against COVID-19 (coronavirus) when entering Ukraine, applying for a VISA and OVIR.

Is insurance compulsory for a foreign citizen?

Yes! Insurance is required when submitting documents to the relevant authorities and when crossing the border of Ukraine

How to get health insurance for a foreigner?

1. Calculate the cost of insurance
2. Fill in the data in the form on the site
3. Pay and receive insurance to your email
To apply for insurance at OVIR, send us a photo of the documents in a convenient way

How to get insurance for a foreigner?

You will receive insurance to your email
An exception. We send the insurance policy to OVIR by New mail at our expense

How to pay for insurance for a foreigner?

After filling in the data on the site, you will see a page with payment using the payment system.
You can pay with any card in the world, including ApplePay, GooglePay, Privat24

Will the insurance be accepted at the OVIR (migration service)?

Yes! Our insurance is accepted at the OVIR and the migration service. Insurance meets all requirements

Perhaps you were looking for: Coronavirus insurance for Ukrainians

Medical insurance for foreigners on the territory of Ukraine is issued in the following cases:

  1. When entering Ukraine with compulsory coverage of treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19). The insurance policy meets the requirements in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 392 dated May 20, 2020
  2. When opening a visa to Ukraine with compulsory coverage 30 000 euro
  3. When applying for a residence permit in Ukraine

Medical insurance is a type of personal insurance in which the insurance company guarantees the provision of medical care and compensation for the costs of medicines.

Medical insurance for entry to Ukraine

From 20.05.2020, foreign citizens are allowed to cross the Ukrainian border only if they have a medical insurance policy for foreign citizens with coverage of medical expenses for treatment for coronavirus (disease due to COVID-19).

Insurance policy for foreigners is suitable for:

  • border crossing
  • when submitting documents to the migration service

You can insure an arriving foreigner for a period of 15 days (minimum registration period) to 1 year.

We recommend buying health insurance to travel from your country to Ukraine in advance. This will allow you to quickly and easily issue a policy and get to the territory of Ukraine.

Benefits of insurance when you enter Ukraine:

  • Our insurance is guaranteed to be accepted at the border of Ukraine, as our insurance meets all the requirements
  • The cost of insurance for entry into Ukraine ranges from UAH 450 to 1700 UAH, depending on the length of stay in Ukraine. You can see prices in the corresponding block above
  • You can enter Ukraine an unlimited number of times during the validity of the insurance contract
  • We provide medical care for COVID-19 and other acute diseases

Leave your details to get insurance. We will call you back within 1 minute (indicate the phone number with + and which has Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).

Insurance for foreigners when applying for a residence permit

Together with the necessary package of documents, the migration service requires the execution of a voluntary medical insurance contract with coverage of treatment costs.

We understand how difficult it is for you to collect documents and did everything to make the insurance process as simple and convenient as possible.

The insurance price depends on the selected sum insured. The sum insured upon submission to the OVIR may be:

  • For medical assistance: from UAH 9,000 to 50 000 UAH
  • Expulsion: recommended UAH 10,000

Benefits of insurance with us when applying for a residence permit:

  • Our insurance contract is suitable for the migration service (OVIR) - Guaranteed!

Insurance for obtaining a VISA for a trip to Ukraine

The advantages of insurance with us when obtaining a VISA for a foreigner to Ukraine:

  • Insurance policy covers 30,000 euros
  • Valid when applying for a VISA for foreign citizens to travel to Ukraine
  • Due to the latest requirements to enter Ukraine, COVID-19 is covered

Required documents for obtaining insurance (optionally 1 document):

  • Passport
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit

Benefits of buying insurance for a foreigner at FreeIns

  • Making insurance within 10 minutes
  • Free delivery of the printed version by New mail or courier
  • Online payment. We arrange insurance and send you a link to pay through the Portmone service. You can pay from any card in the world!
  • Guaranteed authenticity of the insurance policy
  • Competitive price in the market
  • Service in public and private clinics upon a preliminary call to the insurance company
  • We take out insurance on the same day
  • There is no deductible in the policy - any insured event will be covered by the insurance company without your initial investment
  • Valid on the territory of Ukraine

Payment Methods:

  • Online through the Portmone service
  • Cash (upon receipt)
  • Transfer to a bank card (PrivatBank)
  • Pay according to the details of the insurance company

Requirements for issuing a policy:

The insured can be a non-resident of any age, but a foreign citizen who has reached the age of 18 can draw up a contract. If insurance is needed for a child, then the insured person must be an adult (for example, parents).

To insure a foreigner you need:

  1. Send, in any convenient way, a photo of your passport (messenger, e-mail, etc.)
  2. Indicate from what date to make insurance
  3. Pay for insurance
  4. Get an electronic or printed insurance option

What does the insurance cover for foreigners?

  • Insurance coverage is valid in the event of a sudden or unpredictable deterioration in health and an accident.
  • Services are provided through private and public hospitals.
  • The insured amount is 30,000 euros or from 5,000 to 100,000 UAH.
  • The insurance program provides for emergency outpatient and inpatient treatment, a range of laboratory and diagnostic tests, emergency dental care, and medication.
  • Absence of limits and restrictions on the use of the sum insured: for one or several insured events, for medicines, an outpatient clinic or an ambulance.
  • Round-the-clock communication with the doctor-coordinator of your own medical assistance - 24/7 and in any convenient way: by calling the hotline, via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp, by e-mail.

Exceptions to the insured event are chronic diseases.

The insurance will be issued by an Austrian insurance company. Her insurance is suitable for crossing the border.

Actions for an insured event

First of all, in case of an insured event, you must inform the insurance company by calling the hotline at the number specified in the insurance contract.

The employees of the insurance company will refer you to the clinic with which the contract was concluded. You can also make an appointment with your clinic by prior agreement with the insurance company.

All further actions to be followed will be told to you on the hotline.

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