Active demand for hull insurance at the beginning of the year

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Good afternoon dear friends!

At the beginning of each year, new cars of the previous year's models are actively being bought up. In most cases, this is quite beneficial. Low prices for new cars attract everyone.

Since the car is new, it must be protected from various damages. The best way to do this is to purchase a CASCO insurance product.

CASCO - This is full insurance of the car against any damage, be it just a scratch, accident or in the worst case - theft or fire.

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In fact, the newer the car, the cheaper the insurance. And also, wear of parts is not considered. This means that in case of damage, the part will be replaced with a new one, and not used.

Complete CASCO Settlement Process
CASCO payments

Cost of CASCO insurance for a new car in Kharkov

The cost of this insurance depends on several parameters:

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If the car is yours, and not credit, then the average cost of insurance will be within 3.5% of the cost of the car. If he is still on credit, then the price will increase slightly.

How to buy a hull for a new car?

Everything is very simple. Can be done online or in person at the office.

Everything is clear with the office: Bring those passport and rights. Wait until they make insurance and pick up.

Regarding "online": Send documents to viber / telegram in the contacts section. We will make and bring to the place you need, while you go about your business.

The result of insurance with us

To summarize

When buying a CASCO in Kharkov, you fully protect your car from any kind of damage. You can not be afraid to leave the car on the street under the windows.

Thus, spending money on insurance, you save money in the future.

Insurance is our future!